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The Seth Khandan, as the story goes has its beginnings in Punjab and one story I remember as a family of Guru Gobind. However these are a few stories of the origins of the “Seth’s” on the web.

The Hindu surname “Seth” probably derives from the title “Seth” usually given to a wealthy person. The “Seth” family is related to the “Mehra” family (“Mehra” is the same as “Malhotra”) and the “Khanna” family (“Khanna” is the same as “Kapoor”). OR

“The original name of the “Seth” family was “Kakkar” when they were located in the North West Frontier Province of India. The part of the “Kakkar” family that moved to Punjab called themselves “Seth”. Those who stayed behind in the NWFP retained the name “Kakkar”.”

However this Seth Khandan, may have in its midst’s Seth’s, Kakkars, Mehrotra’s and Khanna’s but I may not be aware of too many others and even these may be through marriages.

Gotra – As a Rigvedic terms, gotra simply means “cow pen” or “herd of cows”.[3] The specific meaning “family, lineage kin” (as it were “herd within an enclosure”) is relatively more recent, first recorded around the mid-1st millennium BCE (e.g., Chandogya Upanishad).

This Khandan’s are the Khatris of the Punjab and the gotra is _________ ( I have heard Ullish and have not been able to find it, the nearest I found is Upplas gotra (Khatri))

Generation Head of the Family

Ram Nath Seth


Sham Kishore Seth and Sheila Mehrotra and their siblings Kamtha Nath Seth, Roop Kishore Seth and


India – Allahabad, New Delhi, Lucknow, Bangalore, Mirzapur and Mumbai

USA – Livingston, Tampa, Raleigh, Hartford


Fashion, Information Technology, Artists, Teachers, Administrators and Executives, Physicians, Marketing, Advertising, Permaculture, Real Estate Developers and Business Owners

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